Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunity

When entrepreneurs are choosing which industry to start a new business venture in, the size and profit potential of each sector are important factors in that decision. You will want to take advantage of investment opportunities in an industry that is big enough to offer ample demand for your services. At the same time, you’ll also need some assurance that your new business will have a strong chance for lasting success. If you are looking to start a business with a proven track record, then joining the pizza industry as a Blaze Pizza franchisee could be the perfect fit for you.

Why Choose Pizza?

Simply put, people love to eat pizza – 40% of Americans eat pizza once a week! You still might be curious about how this translates to your chances of success for opening a business in this market. 

If you’re wondering, “How big is the pizza industry?" or “How much is the pizza industry worth?” then you will be pleased to hear that the market size of United States pizza restaurants in 2022 has risen to $55.5 billion. This continues a trend of steady growth for pizza restaurants, which is expected to continue into 2023 and beyond.

Why Choose Blaze Pizza as Your Franchise Choice

Blaze Pizza franchise has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the pizza franchise market, particularly as relative newcomers. When we opened our first two Blaze Pizza stores in California in 2011, many considered us to be just another pizza upstart looking to make our mark in the franchise world. In the span of a decade, we have already grown to over 340 locations in 38 US states and six countries in total. Much of this growth has been made possible by our partnership with the entrepreneurs who join our brand as Blaze Pizza franchisees.

Our brand growth is proof that new pizza makers can become popular choices for consumers even in an industry that is as competitive as ours. People who choose to follow a traditional small business model frequently struggle to overcome the challenges that come with handling every responsibility on their own. Meanwhile, Blaze Pizza franchisees have benefitted from the excellent resources and business structure that we offer as a top franchisor in the pizza market.

How Blaze Pizza Franchise Stands Out

While pizza continues to be popular with consumers, many people are tired of the unhealthy, greasy options that are widely available. Blaze Pizza franchisees are able to become the preferred option for these consumers thanks to our use of only fresh ingredients that are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. 

These healthier ingredients give our food a better taste and wider appeal that are crucial to helping Blaze Pizza franchisees win the loyalty of consumers in their area. With our authentic fire-deck ovens and vibrant restaurant atmosphere, our franchisees can offer the convenience that consumers desire, without having to take shortcuts on the quality of their food in the way that other pizza makers do.

The pizza industry presents lucrative opportunities for those ready to invest in a restaurant. Blaze Pizza has spent the last decade serving as a great example of the growth potential that exists for those who partner with us to own and operate franchise stores under our brand.

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Before deciding on the type of business opportunities that you want to invest in, it’s important to get a better understanding of what your life would look like as a business owner. This goes beyond just your individual responsibilities in the new role and also accounts for your interactions with employees and customers. Understandably, this can be a significant undertaking for one person to take on by themselves, which is part of the reason why so many entrepreneurs like you choose to franchise with an established business partner. Here are a few of the standards we set for Blaze Pizza franchise owners and how our team works in tandem with you to make your locations a success.

At Blaze Pizza, our franchisees have played a major role in the rapid growth that we have experienced as a brand in just over a decade in business – and continue to witness today. Starting as a fledgling pizza brand with two stores in California, Blaze Pizza has quickly ascended to the top of the pizza industry, as we now boast over 340 locations in 38 US states and six different countries. Among the biggest reasons for our rapid expansion is how we’ve formed a true partnership with each of our franchisees to give them the resources and support they need to drive success for their locations and the overall Blaze Pizza brand.

Fresh Ingredients Help Franchise Owners Achieve Their Goals

Consumers have grown to love Blaze Pizza because our menu items are made with fresh and delicious ingredients and served in a welcoming customer environment at each of our franchise locations. As the franchise owner, one of your main goals will be to ensure that your stores are meeting the standards that our loyal customers have come to expect from each Blaze Pizza that they visit. Fortunately, you will have plenty of franchisee support from your franchisor to make your daily tasks easier to complete.

We supply our Blaze Pizza franchise owners with only the freshest of ingredients, so you will never have to worry about using frozen, reheated components to make your pizzas that so many of our competitors use. 

Insight to Guide You from Our CEO and Top Chef

The Blaze Pizza team has been working in the competitive pizza industry for over a decade and has the experience needed to help our franchisees stand out from the crowd. 

Becoming a Blaze Pizza franchise owner has proven to be the best business decision ever made for entrepreneurs of all kinds of backgrounds. You could be the next success story too if you partner with us to own and operate a Blaze Pizza franchise today!

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For entrepreneurs like yourself who are deciding between their options to start a new business venture, one of your top concerns will likely be related to the profit potential of each option. This makes sense as it is almost impossible for a business to become a sustainable venture without turning a profit. However, it can be difficult for those who try to follow a traditional small business model to achieve the return on investment they are looking for. By partnering with us, you will gain a simpler pathway to achieving the Blaze Pizza franchise profit that we’ve helped many other entrepreneurs realize.

Blaze Pizza has experienced rapid growth as a brand since our first stores opened in 2011, and our franchisees have been right alongside us each step of the way. In just over a decade, we now have a total of more than 340 stores in 38 US states and six different countries. With the Blaze Pizza franchise income that the entrepreneurs who franchise with us have been able to earn, it’s no surprise that our brand is widely known for offering one of the best franchise opportunities in the pizza industry.

Why Franchising Is So Popular

Franchising has grown in popularity across many different industries because it offers greater flexibility and support in most cases compared to a traditional small business model. The early days of a small business are often full of hurdles and challenges that frequently prove too difficult for a business owner to overcome by themself. One example of this is the difficulty of attracting customers to your new business when you lack a recognized brand name or established reputation.

With a Blaze Pizza franchise, you won’t have to worry about this, as our name is well-known to consumers in most territories. Our commitment to using only the freshest ingredients on our hand-made pizzas at each of our stores has won over countless customers in search of a healthier pizza that does not compromise on its taste. We train each of our franchisees on what life is like as a pizza franchise owner and the business practices and operations we employ at Blaze Pizza to stand out from the competition.

Make the Most of Your Pizza Franchise Investment

Another important factor in determining whether or not your new business will be profitable is the revenue it generates compared to the costs you incur to launch the business. Traditional small businesses have more unpredictable variables in the build-up to their grand opening compared to certain franchises. The team at Blaze Pizza details our investment costs, so you not only know how much you will have to spend on your franchise to get it off the ground but how we put that investment to good use for your new business. This will provide you with a window into what gives each Blaze Pizza location the potential to be the most profitable pizza franchise in its respective market.

If you still find yourself asking, “Are pizza franchises profitable?” Blaze Pizza believes we have the business opportunity that proves they can be. To discover what the Blaze Pizza franchise profit looks like for yourself, become a franchisee with us today!

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When starting a new business venture, entrepreneurs of all backgrounds take the time to search available markets that offer ideal opportunities. During this process, some find that there may not be an industry that presents a stronger investment than the pizza industry. In nearly every community, there is a high demand for pizza and a greater preference for those prepared with healthier, fresher ingredients. By franchising with Blaze Pizza, entrepreneurs like you can open a pizza franchise in their community with fantastic prospects of attracting and satisfying local customers thanks to our fantastic store atmosphere and delicious, freshly-made pizza.

At Blaze Pizza, our team has a decorated history of successfully launching new franchise locations and helping them achieve growth in a relatively short period of time. After opening our first two stores in California in 2011, we have already moved into 38 US states and five different countries in just over a decade in business. Few other pizza brands can accurately claim to have formed a bond with their customers that is anywhere near the brand loyalty that Blaze Pizza has built. Our pizza franchises have earned much praise and recognition from consumers and industry professionals alike, making us confident that we can deliver the same results to you and your new business.

Fresh Ingredients Set Our Pizza Franchise Apart

It is no secret that pizza shops are a very popular business to open because of the consumer demand that exists in most territories. However, some pizza makers are struggling to adapt to the shifting tastes of consumers who are now moving to healthier diets but don’t want to sacrifice the traditional pizza flavors they crave. Blaze Pizza franchisees are well-equipped to become the new top choice for these customers, as we exclusively stock our locations with clean ingredients that are completely free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.

Each Blaze Pizza location makes its own dough in-house on a daily basis and fast-fires their pizzas in an authentic fire-deck oven to guarantee the fresh taste that customers love. With a customizable, made-to-order menu that is curated by our award-winning culinary team, you will find that customers quickly become attached to the food you serve and will make your Blaze Pizza franchise their top choice in your area. By helping our franchisees stay away from the frozen, stale, and re-heated ingredients that consumers have reluctantly eaten due to their lack of previous options, Blaze Pizza has quickly emerged as an ideal business venture in the pizza industry.

A Franchisor That Has Your Back

Beyond the fresh ingredients and delicious recipes that we supply our franchises, the Blaze Pizza team will consistently offer ongoing support to your franchise throughout the time you spend as part of our brand family. Our initial training program gives you the full rundown of our brand’s guidelines and standards as well as familiarizes you with what life as a pizza business owner is like so that even newcomers to the industry are comfortable and prepared to open a pizza franchise with us.

We’re ready to help you launch your very own Blaze Pizza franchise, as we’ve done for countless other franchisees before you, as we’re currently in the midst of an aggressive franchise expansion plan that we’ve been developing for a long time. We have identified a great amount of mid-sized areas for franchise development and we’re looking to partner with entrepreneurs who want to take their careers to new heights. If owning a unique pizza shop with dedicated support from a business partner intrigues you, check out our steps to ownership for a Blaze Pizza franchise!

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When considering their options to open a new business, most entrepreneurs are in search of a venture that they possess the ideal qualities for and would be a good fit to run for themselves. However, these characteristics are not just limited to the personal qualities they possess. These factors that determine how well they fit can also include their financial profile and prior business experience, among other things. For those trying to find the best option that can match their business ambitions, choosing a fresh pizza franchise opportunity with Blaze Pizza could be just the right fit for them.

Since opening our first stores in 2011, Blaze Pizza has been working to help establish new locations with our franchisees to feed the pizza tastes of our loyal customers. After starting with two franchises in California, Blaze has quickly expanded as our brand has grown in popularity with consumers in the thriving pizza market. Today, we boast more than 340 locations in six different countries—proof that we’ve helped many motivated entrepreneurs build the pizza franchise they’ve been dreaming of.

Why Choose to Franchise with Us?

Pizza is a popular industry, both with the consumers who crave it and the innovators who are looking to capitalize on it. While there are many consumers in search of pizza for their next meal, a significant number of them often choose a pizza business to regularly return to whenever they are in the mood for pizza. Because of this, those who choose to follow a traditional small business model can start at a disadvantage as they look to build their brand recognition and attract new customers. Entrepreneurs can find better fortune by franchising with an established pizza maker who offers a business structure with proven success, so they can avoid falling victim to the same obstacles that frequently doom small pizza businesses.

At Blaze Pizza, our franchisees have been able to cultivate strong brand loyalty through our commitment to fresh ingredients and our steady expansion of franchise locations. Each of our pizzas and other menu items is freshly prepared to order, allowing greater customization for those that shop at our stores. With authentic fire-deck ovens and more customer-friendly atmospheres in each Blaze Pizza store, it’s no surprise that our pizza franchise opportunities have quickly become among the best available on the market.

What We Look for in a Pizza Franchise Business Owner

The Blaze Pizza team regularly welcomes new franchisees who bring a passion for building businesses that can become integral parts of their surrounding area. While pizza and other restaurant experiences are helpful, we are confident that our training and support programs, along with our use of fresh ingredients, can provide those new to the pizza restaurant category the necessary boost to get their first pizza business off the ground. We also greatly value entrepreneurs who are prepared to operate multiple Blaze Pizza units—and we have the capability and track history to prove that we can help make each one a fan favorite with consumers in the area.

For a fresh pizza franchise opportunity that stands out from the competition, Blaze Pizza is ready to partner with forward-thinking entrepreneurs!

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In today’s business world, there might be more ventures available for entrepreneurs to invest in than ever before. As industries continue to expand, emerge, and evolve, it can be tempting to adopt an “out with the old, in with the new” attitude toward choosing where to launch a new business. However, there is something to the idea that certain industries remain old reliables for new business owners to enter. Both of these mentalities can hold some truth, leading to the question that many entrepreneurs are asking: “Where can I build a business that offers an injection of proven innovation into a steady market?” If you are searching for the answer to this question, then you should check out our Blaze Pizza franchise information.

Despite entering the pizza market fairly recently in 2011, Blaze Pizza has wasted no time making our mark on the industry. Our commitment to utilizing fresh ingredients in a made-to-order format was a significant shift from what most consumers had experienced from other pizza makers they had tasted before. With an additional focus on creating a more customer-friendly environment, Blaze Pizza has quickly emerged as a trendsetter in the pizza market. The difference between Blaze and the other brands that have tried to follow us: we’ve stayed one step ahead while the others chase us as they try to make up ground.

Our Team of New Franchisees Builds Momentum Quickly

Not long after we first opened for business, Blaze Pizza was soon expanding with new locations in different territories. After originally starting with two California stores, we have now developed over 340 Blaze Pizza franchises in 38 US states and six different countries. With this experience of managing quick-moving growth across a variety of territories, the Blaze Pizza team can operate with confidence to help your franchise(s) reach new heights for yourself.

Currently, our team is in the midst of developing new franchise locations as part of the ambitious expansion plans that we have made for the Blaze Pizza brand. We have identified nearly 50 mid-sized areas for franchise development as we search to partner with experienced, multi-unit operators who are excited about our pizza concept. As mentioned earlier, we are very confident in the prospects of success for the new Blaze Pizza restaurants we open and can’t wait to find entrepreneurs like you who also believe that

A Taste That Is Proven To Last in the Pizza Franchise Industry

Our strong belief in the Blaze Pizza brand is not just based on what we’ve accomplished in our earlier years – it’s also backed up by consumer demand that remains today, which pizza industry members are taking notice of. To mention just a few of the awards that Blaze has been recognized for, we were named the #1 Fast Casual brand in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 ranking and the winner of the 2021 Franchise Innovation Award. Most recently, our customer loyalty app brought home multiple 2022 Franchise Innovation Awards. With our established brand identity and continued dedication to meeting and satisfying the tastes of consumers, there is plenty of reason to believe that Blaze Pizza offers the best pizza franchise on the market for entrepreneurs like yourself to invest in.

If partnering with one of the most recognized and proven pizza brands in the industry today sounds intriguing to you, please reach out to us and request more Blaze Pizza franchise information.

If you want to join a pizza brand that has already achieved so much growth with the potential for even more, contact us today to find out how you can get started on the path to becoming a Blaze Pizza franchisee!

Among the many businesses for entrepreneurs to choose to start, restaurants and other food service ventures have ranked among the most promising options for some time now. Even in times when the economic climate inspires less confidence than usual, restaurants are capable of maintaining a healthy level of profits for those that operate them. In recent years, consumer tastes have shifted toward restaurants that serve menu items made of fresh and authentic ingredients, rather than the cheap imitations from the past. When searching for a fresh food franchise, entrepreneurs would be smart to consider joining the Blaze Pizza brand family.

Table of Contents

Since opening our first locations in 2011, Blaze Pizza has worked to build a franchise business model that is centered around the use of fresh ingredients. With so many other pizza-makers unwilling to prioritize the nutritional value of their products over convenience, consumers flocked to our storefronts in droves. In a relatively short amount of time, Blaze Pizza has expanded from these two original locations in California to now boast over 340 total franchises in 38 US states and six different countries. With this growth based around a brand identity that resonates with our customers and franchisees alike, it’s no surprise that Blaze Pizza has soared to the top of the pizza industry.

Consumers Prefer a Franchise That’s Invested in Serving Quality Pizza

Fast food chains no longer enjoy the dominance that they once had over the entire restaurant market. Today’s consumers are placing greater value on things like the authenticity of ingredients and customer experience when visiting dining establishments, rather than the sole focus on convenience and assembly-line mentality that most fast food brands have. As a result, fast-casual restaurants have found themselves better equipped to attract consumers who are tired of the same old lackluster experience that they’ve endured at fast food restaurants.

Due to the lack of healthy fast food franchise opportunities readily available, ambitious investors have also started pivoting to partnering with brands like Blaze Pizza to follow the flow of consumers who are steadily leading this transition. Within the overall food industry, pizza has remained a reliable favorite of these consumers – but many other pizza makers are struggling to build the health-focused options that today’s pizza lovers want. Blaze Pizza’s commitment to fresh ingredients has allowed us to stand out in this crowded market and quickly win over an increasing amount of health-conscious consumers.

How We Help Franchisees Make Healthier Pizzas

Blaze Pizza’s dedication to a healthier pizza is evident in each ingredient that we supply to our franchisees for use at their stores. Our pizza dough is hand-kneaded and made in-house daily, as opposed to the common tactic of freezing it for future use the way other pizza makers do. All of our pizza ingredients are completely free of the artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors that are regularly found in other brands’ pizzas and can negatively impact overall quality. By cooking each pizza in an authentic fire-deck oven, customers can taste the quality of the Blaze Pizza menu, rather than the stale, pre-made items they find at other fast food restaurants.

Blaze Pizza’s dedication to supplying our franchisees with the right ingredients is just part of what makes us a great fresh food franchise. Come join our team to experience the ground-breaking growth of the Blaze Pizza brand for yourself!

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When looking into possible business ventures to start, entrepreneurs should consider each available option’s growth potential. They should be evaluating more than just the business itself, but also the projected outlook for its industry and the business model. A growing number of interested parties have found in their research that franchising with an established brand offers more upside than a traditional small business in today’s landscape. And when it comes to pizza franchise opportunities in particular, Blaze Pizza has crafted one of the more promising investments that are readily available for entrepreneurs to get started with.

Table of Contents

To better understand what makes our Blaze Pizza franchise opportunities stand out in a crowded world full of pizza-makers, those looking to open a franchise location should review our history. Blaze Pizza first introduced ourselves in 2011 by opening two locations in California and quickly took the fast-casual dining industry by storm with our “make your own pizza” model. We built upon this by leveraging our focus on using freshly prepared ingredients to make our menu items at each new location that we opened. Before long, Blaze Pizza had become known as one of the fastest-growing brands, not just for a pizza-maker, but within the restaurant and food industry as a whole.

Rapid Growth for Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunities

Blaze Pizza has come a long way over a short amount of time. While some businesses can generate positive momentum that lasts during their early stages of operating, we’ve seen many ultimately falter or grow stagnant. At Blaze Pizza, we’ve done more than just ride the wave that comes with opening a new location – we’ve been able to leverage it to spur each of our franchisees to new heights!

This is evident when you look at how quickly and far our journey has brought us and where we stand now in the pizza-making industry. Despite being in business for little more than a decade, which is relatively young compared to most competitors, Blaze Pizza has already expanded to more than 340 franchise locations in 38 states and six countries. Not bad for a brand that started with just two smaller storefronts in the same state!

Industry Recognition Offers Even More Potential for a Blaze Pizza Franchisee

Throughout our time in business, Blaze Pizza has earned praise from consumers and awards from respected leaders in the industry, not just for our tasty pizzas, but for our innovative business operations as well. At the 2022 Franchise Innovation Awards Blaze Pizza’s customer loyalty app was named a winner in two separate categories: Loyalty App and Most Innovative Use of Data. 

We were also named the #1 Fast-Casual Brand in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 ranking and mentioned in Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers list. This kind of recognition has provided valuable boosts to the Blaze Pizza franchises we have opened and the ones we plan to launch in the future!

For those considering the pizza franchise opportunities available to them, Blaze Pizza has a business model that few other pizza brands in the market can come close to. Franchising with Blaze Pizza can be a great choice for entrepreneurs looking to make the most of their next business venture!

If this opportunity is something that sounds like a good fit for you, reach out to our team and become part of the Blaze Pizza franchisee family!

For entrepreneurs running their own business, a critical factor to their success is building a strong sense of brand loyalty among their customer base. Creating this affinity with their clientele often proves to be the difference between a customer frequenting a business in the future or choosing to opt for a competitor instead. In a particularly crowded industry such as the pizza restaurant category, finding a franchise with established customer loyalty is often a top priority for successful entrepreneurs seeking a sound investment. Since opening our first stores in 2011, Blaze Pizza has frequently demonstrated an ability to attract customers and develop a sense of brand loyalty with them.

Much of how we cultivate customer loyalty with consumers near our franchise locations comes from our commitment to using fresh ingredients. Our preparation of pizzas made with ingredients free of artificial preservatives or colorings separates us from traditional pizza makers who serve greasy, unhealthy menu items in the name of convenience. The brand recognition we have built often carries over to the new territories we enter, drawing in new customers who quickly become enamored with the pizzas and customer experience at the Blaze Pizza franchise locations they visit.

Award-Winning Customer Satisfaction

The customer loyalty that Blaze Pizza has gained since our humble beginnings is evidenced by the popularity of our customer loyalty app. Countless pizza lovers have flocked to the app to send in their orders while earning rewards and special deals at their local Blaze Pizza store. Meanwhile, our franchisees have benefited tremendously from the app’s popularity, streamlining their business operations in a way that would be much more difficult to achieve under a traditional small business model.

Don’t just take our word for it – Blaze Pizza brand's customer loyalty app was a winner of multiple 2022 Franchise Innovation Awards. The 4th annual edition of these awards, presented by Franchise Update Media, recognizes leading franchisors in four major categories: Marketing & Branding, Products & Services, Operations & Technology, and Human Resources. Blaze Pizza was honored with awards for the Best Loyalty App and Most Innovative Use of Data – direct results of the high amount of customer loyalty our brand has built over the years.

Room for Our Pizza Franchise Team to Grow

The 2022 Franchise Innovation Awards are not the first instance where we received industry recognition. We were previously named the #1 Fast-Casual Brand in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 ranking and earned a spot in Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers list. These award wins have not only strengthened the loyalty we’ve already built with regular customers, but have also made it easier for us to bring in and earn the loyalty of new consumers.

For those thinking about becoming a Blaze Pizza franchise owner, the customer loyalty we’ve nurtured is only part of what makes a Blaze Pizza franchise such a great investment opportunity. Joining a thriving network of experienced pizza store owners with strong franchisor support is what separates Blaze Pizza franchisees from the rest!

Contact us to get started franchising with the Blaze Pizza family! Learn how you can make the most of our customer loyalty app.

When looking to start a new business venture, selecting the right location is a factor of the utmost importance for nearly every entrepreneur to consider. Not only are the demographics and overall numbers of a market critical to the chances of success for a new business, but the exact placement within that market and the overall look and feel of the business also play significant roles. These elements are particularly valuable for fast-casual restaurants, as more consumers place comfort and customer experience as a high priority when deciding where to go to eat their meals. Blaze Pizza has recognized this and built a leading craft pizza franchise for entrepreneurs to invest in, thanks in part to our focus on placing franchises in locations that will give them a strong chance of success.

From our first days in business in 2011, Blaze Pizza has been serving top-quality pizzas in customer-friendly environments in a way that other pizza makers have struggled to replicate. It begins with our number one commitment to strictly use fresh ingredients without artificial additives, a purposeful intention that we pass on to each of our franchisees. Our “fresh focus” has been received well by customers in search of a pizza without the traditional unhealthy grease and less desirable taste of the pizzas they ate before Blaze Pizza. Building this brand loyalty and recognition has given new Blaze Pizza franchisees an upper hand as they establish their franchise location in new territories.

Our Pizza Franchise Location Selection Process

The Blaze Pizza team does our due diligence and follows a process with thorough research to determine which markets to prioritize and set up new franchise locations in. In the territory selection process, we aim to give franchisees as many competitive advantages as possible on top of the ones already afforded to each franchisee under our innovative business model. 

The pizza industry is full of options for consumers to choose from, so we focus on finding a location that will give those investing in craft franchise opportunities their best odds possible. Thanks to Blaze Pizza’s strong brand reputation, our franchisees will have less chance of being squeezed out in the thickly-populated pizza industry than a traditional mom-and-pop pizza shop would have.

Territories for a Blaze Pizza Franchisee to Enter

Looking back at our history of expansion, Blaze Pizza has demonstrated time and time again that we have what it takes to successfully establish new franchises in different territories. Starting with two locations in California, the Blaze Pizza brand family has now launched more than 340 pizza franchise locations in 38 US states and 6 other countries. With a clearly defined pathway to ownership, franchisees can spend less time worrying about the franchising process and focus on the day-to-day operations and growth potential of their Blaze Pizza location. It's hardly surprising that Blaze Pizza has received industry recognition multiple times, including being named the winner of the 2021 Franchise Innovation Award, given all the factors that are on our side.

Blaze Pizza offers the ideal artisan pizza franchise for individuals wishing to invest in the growing fast-casual restaurant sector, with a proven history of success in a very short amount of time. We work together with entrepreneurs to ensure that their new Blaze Pizza franchise can be launched in a terrific location that will put them on the path to success. Take a look at our available territories and select which location will best fit your Blaze Pizza franchise.