Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunity
September 6, 2022

Available Areas For a Leading Craft Pizza Franchise

| By: Blaze Pizza

When looking to start a new business venture, selecting the right location is a factor of the utmost importance for nearly every entrepreneur to consider. Not only are the demographics and overall numbers of a market critical to the chances of success for a new business, but the exact placement within that market and the overall look and feel of the business also play significant roles. These elements are particularly valuable for fast-casual restaurants, as more consumers place comfort and customer experience as a high priority when deciding where to go to eat their meals. Blaze Pizza has recognized this and built a leading craft pizza franchise for entrepreneurs to invest in, thanks in part to our focus on placing franchises in locations that will give them a strong chance of success.

From our first days in business in 2011, Blaze Pizza has been serving top-quality pizzas in customer-friendly environments in a way that other pizza makers have struggled to replicate. It begins with our number one commitment to strictly use fresh ingredients without artificial additives, a purposeful intention that we pass on to each of our franchisees. Our “fresh focus” has been received well by customers in search of a pizza without the traditional unhealthy grease and less desirable taste of the pizzas they ate before Blaze Pizza. Building this brand loyalty and recognition has given new Blaze Pizza franchisees an upper hand as they establish their franchise location in new territories.

Our Pizza Franchise Location Selection Process

The Blaze Pizza team does our due diligence and follows a process with thorough research to determine which markets to prioritize and set up new franchise locations in. In the territory selection process, we aim to give franchisees as many competitive advantages as possible on top of the ones already afforded to each franchisee under our innovative business model. 

The pizza industry is full of options for consumers to choose from, so we focus on finding a location that will give those investing in craft franchise opportunities their best odds possible. Thanks to Blaze Pizza’s strong brand reputation, our franchisees will have less chance of being squeezed out in the thickly-populated pizza industry than a traditional mom-and-pop pizza shop would have.

Territories for a Blaze Pizza Franchisee to Enter

Looking back at our history of expansion, Blaze Pizza has demonstrated time and time again that we have what it takes to successfully establish new franchises in different territories. Starting with two locations in California, the Blaze Pizza brand family has now launched more than 340 pizza franchise locations in 38 US states and 6 other countries. With a clearly defined pathway to ownership, franchisees can spend less time worrying about the franchising process and focus on the day-to-day operations and growth potential of their Blaze Pizza location. It's hardly surprising that Blaze Pizza has received industry recognition multiple times, including being named the winner of the 2021 Franchise Innovation Award, given all the factors that are on our side.

Blaze Pizza offers the ideal artisan pizza franchise for individuals wishing to invest in the growing fast-casual restaurant sector, with a proven history of success in a very short amount of time. We work together with entrepreneurs to ensure that their new Blaze Pizza franchise can be launched in a terrific location that will put them on the path to success. Take a look at our available territories and select which location will best fit your Blaze Pizza franchise.