Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunity
September 26, 2022

Forget Fast Food - Choose a Top Fresh Food Franchise

| By: Blaze Pizza

Among the many businesses for entrepreneurs to choose to start, restaurants and other food service ventures have ranked among the most promising options for some time now. Even in times when the economic climate inspires less confidence than usual, restaurants are capable of maintaining a healthy level of profits for those that operate them. In recent years, consumer tastes have shifted toward restaurants that serve menu items made of fresh and authentic ingredients, rather than the cheap imitations from the past. When searching for a fresh food franchise, entrepreneurs would be smart to consider joining the Blaze Pizza brand family.

Since opening our first locations in 2011, Blaze Pizza has worked to build a franchise business model that is centered around the use of fresh ingredients. With so many other pizza-makers unwilling to prioritize the nutritional value of their products over convenience, consumers flocked to our storefronts in droves. In a relatively short amount of time, Blaze Pizza has expanded from these two original locations in California to now boast over 340 total franchises in 38 US states and six different countries. With this growth based around a brand identity that resonates with our customers and franchisees alike, it’s no surprise that Blaze Pizza has soared to the top of the pizza industry.

Consumers Prefer a Franchise That’s Invested in Serving Quality Pizza

Fast food chains no longer enjoy the dominance that they once had over the entire restaurant market. Today’s consumers are placing greater value on things like the authenticity of ingredients and customer experience when visiting dining establishments, rather than the sole focus on convenience and assembly-line mentality that most fast food brands have. As a result, fast-casual restaurants have found themselves better equipped to attract consumers who are tired of the same old lackluster experience that they’ve endured at fast food restaurants.

Due to the lack of healthy fast food franchise opportunities readily available, ambitious investors have also started pivoting to partnering with brands like Blaze Pizza to follow the flow of consumers who are steadily leading this transition. Within the overall food industry, pizza has remained a reliable favorite of these consumers – but many other pizza makers are struggling to build the health-focused options that today’s pizza lovers want. Blaze Pizza’s commitment to fresh ingredients has allowed us to stand out in this crowded market and quickly win over an increasing amount of health-conscious consumers.

How We Help Franchisees Make Healthier Pizzas

Blaze Pizza’s dedication to a healthier pizza is evident in each ingredient that we supply to our franchisees for use at their stores. Our pizza dough is hand-kneaded and made in-house daily, as opposed to the common tactic of freezing it for future use the way other pizza makers do. All of our pizza ingredients are completely free of the artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors that are regularly found in other brands’ pizzas and can negatively impact overall quality. By cooking each pizza in an authentic fire-deck oven, customers can taste the quality of the Blaze Pizza menu, rather than the stale, pre-made items they find at other fast food restaurants.

Blaze Pizza’s dedication to supplying our franchisees with the right ingredients is just part of what makes us a great fresh food franchise. Come join our team to experience the ground-breaking growth of the Blaze Pizza brand for yourself!

If you want to invest in a brand with real authentic value, contact the Blaze Pizza team today to get started franchising with us!