Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunity
July 6, 2022

Join One of The Best Performing Brands of Pizza Franchises

| By: Blaze Pizza

Pizza is one of, if not the most, universally popular foods around the world, with some estimates showing that people consume over 5 billion pizzas per year. This appetite for pizza has been around for quite some time now and clearly shows little signs of slowing down or being replaced. It’s no wonder then that pizza shops are among the most sought-after restaurant ventures by individuals looking to start their own business. However, to get into the market as a pizza maker at this point in time, these entrepreneurs will likely need to partner with one of the leading brands of pizza franchises rather than opening another run-of-the-mill small business that will likely struggle to stand out to consumers craving fresh pizza. Fortunately, Blaze Pizza has a decorated track record in launching new pizza franchises and can help these entrepreneurs achieve the business goals they have in mind for their new pizza store.

While we started out as a new face in the pizza franchise space when opening the first Blaze Pizza stores in 2011, the Blaze Pizza brand has quickly risen through the ranks of pizza shops. We’ve found a way to stand out with pizza-loving consumers by focusing on using fresh and healthy ingredients over the typical greasy pizza pies that many of our competitors produce. Blaze Pizza has also earned a strong reputation for the excellent customer experience and restaurant atmosphere that we work alongside our franchisees to put in place at each Blaze Pizza location.

Why Choose to Franchise with Us?

The Blaze Pizza corporate team takes pride in the success of our franchise stores and collaborates with franchisees regularly to ensure they have what they need to meet our brand standards and customer expectations. This starts with our commitment to exclusively using fresh ingredients rather than sacrificing quality in the name of convenience, as so many other pizza makers do. Every Blaze Pizza franchise uses pizza dough that is freshly kneaded and never frozen, along with authentic ingredients that are free of artificial flavors and preservatives to give customers the healthy pizza option they’ve been searching for.

Each pizza is made to order and prepared in an authentic fire deck oven, which can fully prepare our pizzas in just 180 seconds. Customers can build their pizzas in a way that is unlike most of their other options in the pizza market and have the pizzas made in a timely fashion that does not sacrifice quality. And with our critically acclaimed chefs selecting the ingredients and designing the recipes, Blaze Pizza franchisees can be confident that each pizza they serve will foster a stronger level of customer loyalty within the communities they welcome to their stores.

Earning Pizza Industry Recognition

Blaze Pizza has gone beyond just winning over the taste buds of customers who come to our franchise locations – we’ve also caught the attention of several industry publications, whose recognition has helped our franchisees attract even more consumers and grow their store along with the Blaze Pizza brand. Our accolades include ranking on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list, recognition in the Top Food Franchises’ Pizza category, and a spot on Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers & Shakers List. Notably, Blaze Pizza also won the 2021 Franchise Innovation Award!

Through all that we have achieved during our time in business, it’s become clear that Blaze Pizza has established ourselves as one of the top franchise brands for entrepreneurs to partner with. With promising signs of growth on the horizon, we’re confident that as a new franchisee, you will be able to replicate the success of those who joined the Blaze Pizza team before you!

Interested in a top pizza franchise investment opportunity? Contact us today to join the team and start your journey to owning a Blaze Pizza franchise!