Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunity
December 19, 2022

Join the $55 Billion Pizza Industry as a Blaze Pizza Franchisee

| By: Blaze Pizza

When entrepreneurs are choosing which industry to start a new business venture in, the size and profit potential of each sector are important factors in that decision. You will want to take advantage of investment opportunities in an industry that is big enough to offer ample demand for your services. At the same time, you’ll also need some assurance that your new business will have a strong chance for lasting success. If you are looking to start a business with a proven track record, then joining the pizza industry as a Blaze Pizza franchisee could be the perfect fit for you.

Why Choose Pizza?

Simply put, people love to eat pizza – 40% of Americans eat pizza once a week! You still might be curious about how this translates to your chances of success for opening a business in this market. 

If you’re wondering, “How big is the pizza industry?" or “How much is the pizza industry worth?” then you will be pleased to hear that the market size of United States pizza restaurants in 2022 has risen to $55.5 billion. This continues a trend of steady growth for pizza restaurants, which is expected to continue into 2023 and beyond.

Why Choose Blaze Pizza as Your Franchise Choice

Blaze Pizza franchise has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the pizza franchise market, particularly as relative newcomers. When we opened our first two Blaze Pizza stores in California in 2011, many considered us to be just another pizza upstart looking to make our mark in the franchise world. In the span of a decade, we have already grown to over 340 locations in 38 US states and six countries in total. Much of this growth has been made possible by our partnership with the entrepreneurs who join our brand as Blaze Pizza franchisees.

Our brand growth is proof that new pizza makers can become popular choices for consumers even in an industry that is as competitive as ours. People who choose to follow a traditional small business model frequently struggle to overcome the challenges that come with handling every responsibility on their own. Meanwhile, Blaze Pizza franchisees have benefitted from the excellent resources and business structure that we offer as a top franchisor in the pizza market.

How Blaze Pizza Franchise Stands Out

While pizza continues to be popular with consumers, many people are tired of the unhealthy, greasy options that are widely available. Blaze Pizza franchisees are able to become the preferred option for these consumers thanks to our use of only fresh ingredients that are free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. 

These healthier ingredients give our food a better taste and wider appeal that are crucial to helping Blaze Pizza franchisees win the loyalty of consumers in their area. With our authentic fire-deck ovens and vibrant restaurant atmosphere, our franchisees can offer the convenience that consumers desire, without having to take shortcuts on the quality of their food in the way that other pizza makers do.

The pizza industry presents lucrative opportunities for those ready to invest in a restaurant. Blaze Pizza has spent the last decade serving as a great example of the growth potential that exists for those who partner with us to own and operate franchise stores under our brand.

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