Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunity
July 3, 2022

Join the Craft Food Movement with a Craft Pizza Franchise

| By: Blaze Pizza

While it has been one of the long-standing popular food items in the United States for some time now, pizza has continued to surge in popularity, particularly over the past few years. According to recent estimates, the US pizza market is expected to grow by over $42 million between 2021 and 2025. Trends like this are attracting the attention of shrewd entrepreneurs, who could find great success by partnering with an established name in the pizza market like Blaze Pizza. At Blaze Pizza, we enable these motivated individuals to capitalize on consumers’ appetite for pizza with a craft pizza franchise of their own.

Ever since we opened our first location, Blaze Pizza has committed itself to deliver high-quality pizza and an excellent dining experience to our customers. We set out to achieve this each day through the fresh ingredients and other resources that we supply to each of our franchisees. Our mission has not wavered throughout our years in business, regardless of how much we have grown or how others in the industry have changed. Building solid relationships with customers through pizza that is crafted to be a level above our competition while still satisfying customers’ tastes is how Blaze Pizza has emerged as a leader in the pizza industry.

Craft Food’s Popularity Has Exploded

In the same American pizza market report that we cited earlier from Technavio, other significant factors contributing to industry growth include consumer tastes for pizza becoming more specific and segmented and the rising popularity of fast-casual pizza establishments as compared to the traditional pizza shop. It also forecasted that the North American pizza market would achieve an accelerated growth rate of 44%, partially based on an increase of 4.84% in pizza sales during 2021.

Blaze Pizza has served as evidence of this growth within the industry, as we have grown from our Los Angeles headquarters to over 340 locations worldwide. These franchises are spread out across 38 US states and six different countries, proving that we have what it takes to effectively enter new markets and set up a strong business venture for those that invest in our franchise business model. A significant contributor to our expansion is the demand for more unique craft pizza options that we can satisfy better than many other pizza franchises. Following a fast-casual model has also given us a leg up on pizza restaurants that prefer to operate under a more traditional look and feel.

Blaze Pizza Franchise Offers a Fantastic Craft Experience

Blaze Pizza franchisees are able to craft better pizzas through our pizza-making process that begins with our daily-prepared fresh, never frozen dough, an ensemble of tasty toppings derived from the freshest ingredients available to satisfy our customers' cravings, and perfected in an authentic fire-deck oven. It's this commitment to perfection that gives Blaze Pizza franchisees a competitive advantage that few other pizza makers can come close to.

Our dedication to using 100% clean ingredients free of artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, or flavors and utilizing our critically acclaimed chefs to curate all of the ingredients and recipes for your pizza shop makes the opportunity to run a craft pizza franchise with Blaze Pizza an appetizing investment!

Are you curious about how franchising with Blaze Pizza can help you take advantage of the craft food movement among consumers? Contact our team  today to learn more about this fantastic opportunity!