Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunity
September 19, 2022

Our Pizza Franchise Opportunities Are The Best Around

| By: Blaze Pizza

When looking into possible business ventures to start, entrepreneurs should consider each available option’s growth potential. They should be evaluating more than just the business itself, but also the projected outlook for its industry and the business model. A growing number of interested parties have found in their research that franchising with an established brand offers more upside than a traditional small business in today’s landscape. And when it comes to pizza franchise opportunities in particular, Blaze Pizza has crafted one of the more promising investments that are readily available for entrepreneurs to get started with.

To better understand what makes our Blaze Pizza franchise opportunities stand out in a crowded world full of pizza-makers, those looking to open a franchise location should review our history. Blaze Pizza first introduced ourselves in 2011 by opening two locations in California and quickly took the fast-casual dining industry by storm with our “make your own pizza” model. We built upon this by leveraging our focus on using freshly prepared ingredients to make our menu items at each new location that we opened. Before long, Blaze Pizza had become known as one of the fastest-growing brands, not just for a pizza-maker, but within the restaurant and food industry as a whole.

Rapid Growth for Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunities

Blaze Pizza has come a long way over a short amount of time. While some businesses can generate positive momentum that lasts during their early stages of operating, we’ve seen many ultimately falter or grow stagnant. At Blaze Pizza, we’ve done more than just ride the wave that comes with opening a new location – we’ve been able to leverage it to spur each of our franchisees to new heights!

This is evident when you look at how quickly and far our journey has brought us and where we stand now in the pizza-making industry. Despite being in business for little more than a decade, which is relatively young compared to most competitors, Blaze Pizza has already expanded to more than 340 franchise locations in 38 states and six countries. Not bad for a brand that started with just two smaller storefronts in the same state!

Industry Recognition Offers Even More Potential for a Blaze Pizza Franchisee

Throughout our time in business, Blaze Pizza has earned praise from consumers and awards from respected leaders in the industry, not just for our tasty pizzas, but for our innovative business operations as well. At the 2022 Franchise Innovation Awards Blaze Pizza’s customer loyalty app was named a winner in two separate categories: Loyalty App and Most Innovative Use of Data. 

We were also named the #1 Fast-Casual Brand in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 ranking and mentioned in Fast Casual’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers list. This kind of recognition has provided valuable boosts to the Blaze Pizza franchises we have opened and the ones we plan to launch in the future!

For those considering the pizza franchise opportunities available to them, Blaze Pizza has a business model that few other pizza brands in the market can come close to. Franchising with Blaze Pizza can be a great choice for entrepreneurs looking to make the most of their next business venture!

If this opportunity is something that sounds like a good fit for you, reach out to our team and become part of the Blaze Pizza franchisee family!