Blaze Pizza Franchise Opportunity
November 14, 2022

Why Open a Pizza Franchise in Your Area with Our Brand?

| By: Blaze Pizza

When starting a new business venture, entrepreneurs of all backgrounds take the time to search available markets that offer ideal opportunities. During this process, some find that there may not be an industry that presents a stronger investment than the pizza industry. In nearly every community, there is a high demand for pizza and a greater preference for those prepared with healthier, fresher ingredients. By franchising with Blaze Pizza, entrepreneurs like you can open a pizza franchise in their community with fantastic prospects of attracting and satisfying local customers thanks to our fantastic store atmosphere and delicious, freshly-made pizza.

At Blaze Pizza, our team has a decorated history of successfully launching new franchise locations and helping them achieve growth in a relatively short period of time. After opening our first two stores in California in 2011, we have already moved into 38 US states and five different countries in just over a decade in business. Few other pizza brands can accurately claim to have formed a bond with their customers that is anywhere near the brand loyalty that Blaze Pizza has built. Our pizza franchises have earned much praise and recognition from consumers and industry professionals alike, making us confident that we can deliver the same results to you and your new business.

Fresh Ingredients Set Our Pizza Franchise Apart

It is no secret that pizza shops are a very popular business to open because of the consumer demand that exists in most territories. However, some pizza makers are struggling to adapt to the shifting tastes of consumers who are now moving to healthier diets but don’t want to sacrifice the traditional pizza flavors they crave. Blaze Pizza franchisees are well-equipped to become the new top choice for these customers, as we exclusively stock our locations with clean ingredients that are completely free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.

Each Blaze Pizza location makes its own dough in-house on a daily basis and fast-fires their pizzas in an authentic fire-deck oven to guarantee the fresh taste that customers love. With a customizable, made-to-order menu that is curated by our award-winning culinary team, you will find that customers quickly become attached to the food you serve and will make your Blaze Pizza franchise their top choice in your area. By helping our franchisees stay away from the frozen, stale, and re-heated ingredients that consumers have reluctantly eaten due to their lack of previous options, Blaze Pizza has quickly emerged as an ideal business venture in the pizza industry.

A Franchisor That Has Your Back

Beyond the fresh ingredients and delicious recipes that we supply our franchises, the Blaze Pizza team will consistently offer ongoing support to your franchise throughout the time you spend as part of our brand family. Our initial training program gives you the full rundown of our brand’s guidelines and standards as well as familiarizes you with what life as a pizza business owner is like so that even newcomers to the industry are comfortable and prepared to open a pizza franchise with us.

We’re ready to help you launch your very own Blaze Pizza franchise, as we’ve done for countless other franchisees before you, as we’re currently in the midst of an aggressive franchise expansion plan that we’ve been developing for a long time. We have identified a great amount of mid-sized areas for franchise development and we’re looking to partner with entrepreneurs who want to take their careers to new heights. If owning a unique pizza shop with dedicated support from a business partner intrigues you, check out our steps to ownership for a Blaze Pizza franchise!

Ready to become a Blaze Pizza franchisee? Contact us today, and we’ll start the process together!